The Foundation


Goal: The Goal of the Fund for New World Development is to provide people in the developing world with the skills, confidence and opportunity to improve their health, education, and economic well-being. To implement this goal, the Fund for New World Development supports sustainable projects requested by members of the community being served.

Model: The model of the Foundation is to work with local communities on community improvement projects that the local residents request.  Response Volunteers of the U.S. Peace Corps work with the community to implement these projects. The projects must meet important community needs, have a high likelihood of success, and be sustainable with local leadership, but need outside assistance.

Organization: The Fund for New World Development, Inc. was founded in 2011 by returned Peace Corps volunteers, Carol and Sherwood Guernsey. It is a private, non-profit operating foundation, incorporated in Massachusetts, with 501 (c) 3 status conferred by the US Internal Revenue Service.  The Foundation is also organized in Panama and operates its programs there under the name “Fondo Para el Desarollo del Mundo Nuevo – Panama”.

The Foundation is focusing its efforts in Panama, where the founders served in the Peace Corps from 1969-1971.

President: Sherwood Guernsey
Treasurer: Carol Guernsey

Directors: Sherwood Guernsey, Carol Guernsey, Margo Guernsey, Diana Bennett, Martha Kimmel de Martinez
Legal Counsel: Lic. Martha Kimmel de Martinez
Project Coordinator and Community Leader: Flor de Maria Prado de Hernandez


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