Baseball and Soccer Field


DiputadoTito Afu visiting the sports committee at the new field

DiputadoTito Afu visiting the sports committee at the new field 2014

At the community meeting, there was resounding support for recreational opportunities for youth (and adults!), and a recreation field was essential in order to develop a program. The Foundation searched for a suitable parcel of land, and, after two and a half years, has found a great four acre parcel, bordering on a stream, just behind the center of the village.

The Foundation completed the purchase of the land in August 2013. The leveling and preparation of the land was completed in 2014.   The Sports Committee of La Laguna has taken over responsibility for the development of  baseball and soccer fields, field and equipment maintenance, and team organization.    A soccer team has already been organized and is playing regularly.

Improvements to the field continue.  The Sports Committee raised funds and purchased a mower to keep the fields in good condition.   In 2017, the committee completed building bathrooms with running water.

Members of the Sports Committee include: President – Noel Herrera, Vice President – Alcibíades Prado,  Edwin Ortega, Secretary – Abilio Sánchez, Assistant Secretary – Bernardo Prado, Fiscal – Nuvia Sánchez, Assistant  Fiscal – Viamilka Prado,  Angélica María Prado, Raúl Herrera y Horacio Prado,  José Diaz,  Director of soccer team – Vivian Ortega.

The Youth Committee: President  – Rey Jesús Ortega, Vice President – Luis Arauz, Secretary – Ailin Prado, Fiscal – Noel Antonio Herrera, Treasurer – Kathia  Sanchez,, Andi  Rene Prado, David Solís, Víctor Sucre