Our Current Projects

At a meeting in the village of La Laguna de Pocri, Panama in 2011, the community prioritized two projects, a computer center and a sports field.    In 2012, the Foundation opened a Computer Learning Center in La Laguna.  In 2014, a the Foundation started working in the nearby village of Paritilla, as well, and in 2015 opened a computer center the Paritilla school.  In 2015, the Foundation provided support to a pre-existing computer center on the Isla de Cañas, an island with a sea turtle refuge south of the tip of the Azuero peninsula, while they fought for local government funding.  In addition, the Foundation has acquired a piece of land in La Laguna that has been leveled  and set up with soccer and baseball fields.


Teaching for the Future

In 2018, the Foundation is piloting a new program in its Computer Learning Centers which promotes thinking skills through the use of technology and uses educational software to advance education of its students.

The staff of the Centers is partnering with the MEDUCA teachers in the local primary schools to integrate the use of technology into the teachers’ assignments in order to promote the development of students’ critical and creative thinking skills, and to advance students’ educational levels.

Computer Center staff works directly with teachers to prepare assignments that require use of the computer and Internet. They work with students to complete the assignments  and to use educational computer software and online courses in many academic areas.  Teaching of  computer skills continues to advance as well.

Our staff will also work with teachers and students in IPER (Instituto Panameño de Educación por Radio) in its Computer Learning Centers to use technology to enhance learning of people returning to education.